The Benefits of Advanced Control Panels in Swimming Pools

In recent years, swimming has become a more holistic experience with the availability of new experiences for users and the changing aspirations of consumers. Pools are increasingly interactive, boasting a wealth of advanced features to boost user engagement, while sophisticated water chemistry management helps to protect the health of consumers.

Underpinning the effective operation of a swimming pool system is reliable control from one of more bespoke electrical control panels. With the aid of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and customisable software, together with well-designed electrical controls, pool owners and operators can automate all pool components: the control panel will continuously monitor input devices and make decisions based on robust and reliable control algorithms.

So, what benefits can a well-designed control solution offer pool owners?

High-performance panels, that provide flexible and automation control specifically for your business' needs

Enhanced Safety

Consumer safety is the priority in the management of all swimming pools. The use of advanced features, such as water slides, or wave machines, increases the potential for accidents to occur. A well-designed control system works in tandem with established safety protocols to minimise the risks to pool users.

Having a PLC as an integral element of a control system increases the ability for pool owners to manage their facility more effectively, automated interlocks will reduce the risk of an incident occurring. Mechanical features can be deactivated instantly when required, while automation allows mechanical and chemical elements to operate without human intervention, meaning lifeguards can focus on the people in their care, rather than the operation of the pool.

Healthier Pools

Maintaining the hygiene of your pool is a requirement of strict health and safety regulations that help to protect users from infection. A well-implemented control solution facilitates active management of pool hygiene, with chemical treatment, filtration, and heating that all have the ability to be controlled remotely and automatically, so pool managers can be confident that the facility is in prime condition and safe for swimmers to enjoy.

Better Management of Pool Features

Modern swimming pools offer a variety of essential features that are designed to maximise users’ comfort and enjoyment, such as heating, lighting, filtration, and sanitation systems. These features play an important part in making a pool safe and welcoming, and they can all be carefully managed via a control panel.

With an advanced control panel solution, pool owners can program a timed schedule or micro-manage when needed, according to the number of swimmers or the type of event, for example. When integrated with swimming pool design, the control system also makes it easier to incorporate advanced features, such as bubbler systems, water slide traffic lights, or display boards.

Enhanced Communication

Advanced control solutions underpinned by PLCs deliver effective and reliable centralised control and communication between numerous electrical systems, without compromising on detail or clarity.

Using built-in ports, PLCs can communicate clearly with external devices, such as sensors, valves, and actuators so that pool managers don’t have to be present. PLCs can also provide a human-machine interface that facilitates the monitoring and improvement of pool performance.

For swimming pool owners, this translates to effective and highly flexible control of systems and features to optimise pool performance for the benefit of consumers.

Outstanding Reliability

Modern swimming pools feature innovative designs, to promote enjoyment and comfort and ensure optimum health and safety for swimmers through efficient filtration and chemical automation. Swimming pool innovations are frequently expensive, but a healthy Return on Investment (ROI) can be secured by maximising the facility’s availability or keeping a tight rein on running costs.

Older control systems, with many electrical and pneumatic connections sometimes proved to be unreliable and prone to degradation, leading to costly periods of downtime. In contrast, modern control solutions based around PLCs deliver superior reliability as they have fewer electrical components and moving parts, resulting in a more robust and durable system.

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