PLC Programming

PLCs bring a number of benefits, delivering advanced control and functionality within your control panel. Recognising this, we were an early adopter of the technology, developing significant in-house expertise in the use of PLCs in a variety of applications.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), offer greater levels of digital control within an electrical system compared to traditional, analogue control via relays and timers.

We have extensive experience using PLCs across a wide range of sectors and are now a key partner in PLC solution development with many of our customers.

We’ll collaborate with you to develop and optimise the control panel design around the PLC, allowing the functionality to be implemented in the most reliable and cost-effective manner.

With our long-established relationship with Siemens we’ve built up an in-depth knowledge of their product line, allowing us to develop solutions to some of the most complex control requirements. This relationship brings a host of benefits as we have access to a broad pool of knowledge and expertise when new challenges arise.

At the other end of the scale, we always recognise when there is a benefit in using a simple PLC rather than a range of other components.

Applications where we have implemented PLC system solutions include swimming pool filtration systems in major leisure centres, battery reprocessing lines and wave machine systems installed in many water parks around the world.

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