Frequency Controllers / Inverters

Frequency converters, used for the variable speed control of AC electric motors, are an increasingly important component for optimising motor operation and system efficiency. Our expertise allows us to use them in an expanding range of applications, across a wide range of industries.

We offer a range of frequency controllers and inverter solutions, including variable speed drives, harmonic solutions and soft starters. These can be used across a wide range of applications including heating and ventilation, the leisure sector, process control, refrigeration, water and wastewater, and within the food and beverage industry.

Improved process control is driving the need for variable speed motor control. With growing demand for higher throughput and precision in automation, there is an increased need for variable speed solutions. Moving from fixed to variable speed with varying load delivers an increase in energy and cost savings; reducing the total cost of ownership.

A trusted network of suppliers

Bensons works with a trusted network of suppliers, allowing us to deliver highly specialised products and services. Our relationship with Danfoss is a great example of this.

Over the past 45 years, we’ve built a strong partnership with Danfoss and are proud to be recognised as an approved ‘system integrator’ with Danfoss. This collaboration brings our customers a host of benefits with a wealth of technical expertise and support.

The benefits of using a frequency controller

  • One of the main advantages of using a frequency controller is the energy cost savings associated with effective speed control together with better control performance of the associated equipment. Frequency controllers may be used in several applications, providing multiple benefits:
  • Pumps and fans in commercial buildings, providing protection and optimisation of commercial ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Fans in multi-residential buildings, providing optimised performance of cooling and heating systems
  • Leisure and swimming pool environments, providing:
    • Efficient filtration of the pool water and systems
    • Variable control of water flow for leisure rides, ranging from the calm lazy rivers to the more invigorating raging rapids and surf rider machines
    • Moving floor applications, helping facilities provide a multi-functional pool facility
  • Compressor control for building ventilation and air conditioning, providing constant pressure regulation while matching the capacity to the actual demand. This helps reduce operational costs by running applications at lower speeds to reduce energy consumption
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced as the lower operating speeds result in longer life for bearings, belts and motors
  • User friendly interface, distributed intelligence and reduced power consumption helping to optimise performance of fans and pumps
  • Frequency controllers can be networked or hardwired, providing multiple ways of controlling various applications over differing communication protocols such as Modbus, Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP

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