Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Control Panels

With the UK government committed to banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the race is on to enable the transition to battery-electric or hydrogen powered vehicles. Key to enabling the continued adoption of electric vehicles is the availability of charging infrastructure.

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Adequate charging infrastructure is essential to the continued adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The infrastructure ranges from the cable you plug into your car back to centralised energy generation at the National Grid level. Utilising the expertise gained from working across multiple different industry sectors over many years, Bensons is now actively involved in building low voltage distribution board to manage the supply of power from the site DNO connection to the individual charge points that the public need to operate reliably.

In addition, we supply advanced control panels that allow highly-granular data to be captured on the performance of charge points, enabling their operators to optimise performance and minimise CO2 emissions.

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