Working Environment Upgrade

Every business is a work in progress, there are always ways to make it better, be that from a perspective of people, process or the facilities and infrastructure.

Over the past six years we have approached the development of Bensons from all three angles and are now seeing the benefits of the time, effort and money invested.
The facilities aspect is often overlooked, how can you expect people to do their best work in a less than ideal working environment? Having focused so far on improving our factory and offices, in May of 2024 we embarked on bringing the part of the building which links the two teams up to standard.

Have a sneak preview of the activity so far.. view video below…

Our aim is to create an area we can all be proud of which provides a high quality meeting space for customer and for training, whilst also giving the team a modern break out area and kitchen in which to take a break and strengthen the culture, relationships and team spirit which underpins Bensons.

So far so good, through the careful choice of partners to deliver the works, and an accommodating attitude from the Bensons team, we were able to minimise the disruptions to our day to day operations and any impact on our customers.

Once the furniture arrives then the job will be complete and the upgrade of the building completed, until we summon the courage to do it again.

Celebrating Success

In the hotly contested Employer of the Year category, we are again proud to announce that Bensons was recognised as being 'Highly Commended', reflecting the continued commitment to the team to Providing outstanding solutions, service and careers in engineering and manufacturing.

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Refurbishment Complete

Our customers and team now have access to a high-quality and effective space for collaboration, team building and downtime

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Making the Vision come to Life - A Perspective from our new Head of Operations – Tony Weston

Since joining Bensons at the end of April, a lot of my time has been

focused on learning the systems and the basics of what we do.

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