Why You Should Consider Outsourcing the Supply of Control Panels

As a provider of technology solutions, you will have many demands on your time and expertise. If your system performance is underpinned by an electrical control panel, then in addition to being an expert on your own technology, you will also be expected to have the same level of expertise in this complex area. This can lead to valuable resources being stretched too far, meaning you may not be making the best use of your specialist knowledge or time.

Outsourcing the supply of electrical control panels to a specialist manufacturer offers your business many benefits.

More Time To Focus Exclusively On Your Strengths

As a solution provider, your focus needs to be on what you do best. By drawing on your workforce’s expertise, experience, and training, your business can be a leader in its field, throughout the manufacturing process from concept creation to component production.

Granted, you may know a thing or two about custom control panels, but more than likely your resources could be more valuably used creating the specialist components for which your brand is recognised. Focusing on your core skills enables you to build your business’ success – without the distraction of designing and constructing control panels. By drawing on Bensons' expertise in custom industrial control panels, you can secure the highest quality product for your system in a more cost-effective manner.


All of our control panels are designed by experienced and knowledgeable engineers

Draw Upon Industry Knowledge and Purchasing Power

At Bensons Panels, designing and building control panels is our forte, which is achieved through a blend of experience, training, and specialist technology. Our experience in working with a variety of customers and industries gives us vital knowledge about how to design effective control panel solutions for a range of situations, giving you confidence that we’ll meet your unique business requirements.

By investing in professional development and innovative tools, we ensure that our specialist engineers have the resources they need to design and build high-quality control panels in a cost-effective manner. As we purchase specialist components in bulk, we can offer procurement benefits far greater than you would enjoy in isolation. In the event of material shortages, it’s likely we’ll have enough components in reserve to meet your needs.


Our control panels are manufactured in line with BS EN9001 (2015)

Invaluable Experience

Whatever kind of control panel you require, outsourcing to highly experienced professionals means you can tap into their considerable experience in the field. Every control panel is different, but at Bensons Panels, we have the insight and knowledge to overcome any challenges to designing a product that meets your needs.

Every project we undertake is different, but we utilise a tried-and-tested design and build process that has been honed with years of experience. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we adopt a pragmatic and flexible approach that is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to quality.


Each control panel is rigorously tested prior to deliver to ensure that when it is installed it works perfectly when powered up.

Knowledge Of The Latest Regulations

An exacting knowledge of the latest electrical safety and energy efficiency regulations is critical in any manufacturing project. This crucial information is necessary to build confidence and credibility in a product and ensure it passes all quality assurance checks before going to market.

At Bensons Panels, we are committed to delivering on our promise to create the highest quality control panels, including ensuring they meet all relevant legislation and regulations. If you are trying to balance designing and making control panels alongside your specialist systems, there is a risk you may unintentionally overlook or misinterpret regulatory requirements. The logical decision is to trust Bensons Panels to take care of your control panel on your behalf.

Overall Quality and Performance

When all's said and done, quality assurance and reliability is what matters most, not only how well your control panel is designed but whether it's built to last.

With BS EN9001 (2015) accreditation, Bensons Panels have the skills and knowledge required to provide top quality control panels. We'll work in partnership with your business to ensure you receive the right bespoke product, while our aftersales service ensures we’re on-hand to answer all your technical queries.

Contact Bensons Panels For More Information

By outsourcing the supply of control panels to us, you can be confident of purchasing the highest quality product at a cost-effective price, direct from design and build specialists who have the knowledge, skills, and tools to create the bespoke control panel your project needs.

To discuss your requirements and find out more about how our custom control panel service could help your business, please call one of our electrical design engineers today.

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