The Benefits Of Bespoke Industrial Control Panels


Electrical control panels are used to control a variety of systems, from wave machines in swimming pools to air conditioning and filtration units in underground rail networks. At its most basic, a control panel is simply a metal cabinet that contains electrical switchgear and devices to control physical processes. However, the precise configuration and requirements for each control system varies from project to project, which is why all our industrial control panels are bespoke to their particular application. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of this bespoke approach to industrial control panels:

What Is a Bespoke Control Panel?

Mass produced systems such as commercial boilers or compressors will often be supplied with a ‘standard’ control panel. Bensons specialises in control panels that are bespoke to individual applications and systems. This means that a Bensons panel is specified, designed and built with the customers end objective front of mind. This brings benefits in terms of space, performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Every application has individual characteristics that need to be addressed. A bespoke control panel from Bensons can accommodate these individual features and go further to integrate and optimise the operation of complex control systems.

A Bespoke Solution To Site Specific Problems.

We frequently hear from customers about the challenges they experience with system installations on site - often it is space, sometimes the available electrical supply, or operating environment. A well designed, bespoke control panel can help address these challenges through careful design, packaging and arrangement of parts. Working with an experienced control panel manufacturer focused on solving these issues means that the customer’s focus can be on the bigger picture – optimising the performance of the overall system. Similarly, if it is necessary to distribute the control system across several control panels, then a bespoke approach can address this.

Improved Accuracy and Productivity

There is a lot that can be said about the dangers of poorly designed control panels, including safety issues and unreliability – with control panel failure guaranteed to interrupt your business operations. With a well-designed bespoke control panel, every component and its interconnection is designed to maximise safety and reliability within the specific context of your application.

Nothing is left to chance, and there is no extraneous wiring, making custom control panels easier to use – with fewer mistakes and less room for faults and component failures. This lets you worry about fine-tuning your control systems to precisely match your required outputs, goals, and operating parameters, saving you commissioning time, reducing downtime, and ultimately boosting productivity.

Bespoke Control Panels From Bensons

Bensons are one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of bespoke control panels for a wide range of business sectors, combining high quality components with innovative and personalised design. To find out more about our solutions, or to discuss your needs in person with one of our engineers, please call 01924 975578 today.

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