Exciting Changes at Bensons Panels | A Snapshot of the Latest People Update

Elevating Leadership for Sustainable Growth

In our pursuit of sustained and successful business performance and growth, we recognise the critical importance of effective leadership. To ensure the best possible leadership for our organisation, Helen Culloden, Mathew Orme, and Matthew Barton have embarked on a six-month leadership development and coaching programme. In collaboration with Marwel and Co., this programme is based on the well-established Leadership Circle framework. It aims to enhance the skills our leaders already possess while fostering the development of new areas of expertise.

The Leadership Circle framework integrates the competencies essential for effective leadership with an understanding of underlying habitual thought patterns that may limit leadership effectiveness. This strategic initiative underscores our commitment to fostering leadership excellence within our organisation.

Engineering Team Update

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our engineering team, Gavin, who brings a wealth of experience in designing control panels for automation systems. Gavin's expertise is proving invaluable as he seamlessly applies and adapts his knowledge across the diverse sectors in which our company operates.

Alongside his 'day job' Gavin is actively engaged in coaching wheelchair rugby at Wakefield Trinity and is a player for the Rochdale Hornets, boasting an impressive 25 caps for Scotland.

Bensons Panels is on a growth trajectory, bolstered by Gavin's expertise in our engineering team and a leadership development program for Helen Culloden, Mathew Orme, and Matthew Barton. The fusion of technical expertise and leadership positions us for sustained success and innovation across sectors. We're excited about the journey ahead, aiming for new heights and unparalleled success.

Celebrating Success

In the hotly contested Employer of the Year category, we are again proud to announce that Bensons was recognised as being 'Highly Commended', reflecting the continued commitment to the team to Providing outstanding solutions, service and careers in engineering and manufacturing.

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Refurbishment Complete

Our customers and team now have access to a high-quality and effective space for collaboration, team building and downtime

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Making the Vision come to Life - A Perspective from our new Head of Operations – Tony Weston

Since joining Bensons at the end of April, a lot of my time has been

focused on learning the systems and the basics of what we do.

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Working Environment Upgrade

Every business is a work in progress, there are always ways to make it better, be that from a perspective of people, process or the facilities and infrastructure.

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