Northern Line Extension Opening

Successful two year project to design and build twenty MCCs

Major infrastructure projects require significant resources to plan and deliver them, often over a period of several years. Seeing the opening of the first new London Underground stations this century in September 2021 is a reminder of this and the contribution that Bensons made over a period of two and a half years.

Bensons began work with Impact Controls on the design and build of a suite of twenty bespoke Motor Control Centres (MCCs) in early 2019, with the panels being delivered over a ten-month period during 2020. These control panels along with Impact’s Building Management System are responsible for the control of the environment in five stations on the Northern Line extension. With this being a rail project, adherence to stringent technical requirements is a given, to ensure passengers can enjoy a safe and comfortable travel experience when transiting through the stations.

Success on this project was achieved by the Bensons team collaborating with both customers and supplier at all stages in the value chain, to ensure that a high-quality solution was delivered. Bensons was able to do this as a result of the highly skilled and experienced team that we have built, retained and continue to develop.

Northern line extension: Two new Tube stations open - BBC News

Bespoke control panels from Bensons

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