Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership commences in earnest

Bensons is happy to kick off the next phase in our on-going collaboration with Leeds Beckett University with the full-time arrival on site of our research associate, Sarah Godfrey, meaning that our Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) has now started in earnest.

An mKTP is a government-funded programme to help businesses improve their efficiency and productivity through the better use of knowledge and expertise held within UK Business Schools. The scheme was launched in 2021.

In the case of Bensons, the aim of our mKTP is to bring strategic change to the company’s culture, processes and marketing to allow Bensons to develop new services, enter new markets and to achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

To achieve this, Bensons will work with a team of academics, all based within the Leeds Business School on a two-year collaboration. Sarah will play a key role in shaping and delivering the strategic change and co-ordinating activities between Bensons and Leeds Beckett. The project is one of the country’s first mKTPs, receiving financial support from the UK government department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through Innovate UK.

Dr Ollie Jones, Principal Lecturer in Operations, Enterprise and Supply Chain Management and Project Lead, explained: “Bensons has an excellent reputation and has ambitions to develop unique ways to combine new product development with customised services - in both new and existing markets. In order to do that, they need to build their management capabilities and the corporate culture across their whole organisation”

Helen Culloden, Managing Director of Bensons Controls Panels, said: “We are delighted to be partnering and working with Leeds Beckett University. The funding secured, together with the collaboration with the team of academics within Leeds Business School, will enable us to greatly strengthen and develop our team and business. It will provide us with the ability, knowledge, structure and capacity to further grow and develop, and reinforce our reputation in the marketplace - enabling us to continue to expand and break into new and emerging markets.”

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