Just to make you all smile as we end 2023!

Panel builders “Yes

Film makers “Not so much

The core values upon which Bensons is built - we are a team, we care, we are dedicated and we are proud - are evidenced in our factory and the work that goes into making it the best that it can be for the work that we do.

In early 2023 we took the decision to create a video to show off both the facility that we work in, and at the same time use our team to explain our process from initial sales enquiry through to after-sales support of our control panels in situ.

It turns out that making a good looking film, even a short 5 minute one, is a lot harder than it looks. Fortunately we had the excellent people at Keane Creative to guide us through the process. After much planning, 2 days of filming on site and quite a bit of editing we came up with something which captures the essence of Bensons Bensons Panels Factory Tour (youtube.com)

As ever, not everything makes the final cut and the out-takes are often the best bit.

In the run up to Christmas we have compiled this and thought we would share, hopefully raising a smile as we head into the Christmas

Apprenticeships at Bensons in 2024

Apprenticeships remain core to Bensons’ plans for the future, they underpin our goals of providing outstanding solutions, services and careers in engineering and manufacturing, whilst providing peace of mind to our customers.

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Next Gen Makers – Excellent Employer

We are proud to say that at the conclusion of this process, Bensons has been awarded the Engineering Apprenticeship Excellent Employer Kitemark Accreditation. This accreditation is given to a select number of Engineering and Manufacturing businesses in the UK.

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Welcoming Tony – Our Head of Operations

We are delighted to introduce a new member to the team at Bensons - Tony Weston who is our new Head of Operations.

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Strengthening our Workforce for 2024

We are proud to say that in 2024, we are an official supporter of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival, which aims to promote greater awareness of the range and depth of opportunities that careers in manufacturing can present to young people in the region.

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