How a Well-Controlled Lighting System Can Improve the Efficiency of your Business

Controlling spending is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business, particularly in the current climate in which energy costs are rising. An effective way to reduce your business’s outgoings is to install an energy-efficient lighting control panel, which can lower energy consumption, slash your bills, and improve your brand’s green credentials.

At Bensons Panels, we’ve designed and installed lighting control panel systems in major facilities across the UK, including Heathrow and Manchester Airports and well-known sports stadia. We are ready to help your business to improve its efficiency.

What Is a Commercial Lighting Control Panel?

In large or complex commercial or industrial premises, there are usually an extraordinary number of lights which are essential for the safe and effective running of the business. Instead of those lights being switched on 24/7, a lighting control panel allows you to automatically or manually control which lights are on at any moment in time and to alter their intensity.

Control panels often include a range of features, including dimmer switches, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, or remote networking.

How a Lighting Control Panel Can Boost Your Business’s Efficiency

So, how can a lighting control panel improve the cost-efficiency of your business?

Real Cost Savings

Cutting unnecessary spending is key to boosting your business’s profits and increasing its chance of success. Installing a lighting control panel will ensure that only those lights which are needed are switched on, delivering immediate savings in your electricity overheads. Dimmer switches, too, reduce the amount of electricity your business consumes, without plunging parts of your premises into total darkness, while LED lights are up to 80% more energy efficient compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.

However, it’s not just a reduction in your electricity bills from which your business will benefit; lower usage will increase the lifespan of your lights, meaning you’ll have to replace them less often.

Eliminate Needless Energy Consumption

There’s little point in unoccupied rooms being brightly illuminated for hours or even minutes at a time, but it’s vital that dark areas of your business premises can be lit up when necessary, to allow staff to go about their work or to carry out an emergency evacuation if required.

Lighting control panels can integrate automatic sensors to reduce the needless waste of energy. Occupancy sensors detect movement in a room, corridor, or other area, activating the lights when someone enters, and disengaging after a set period or when movement ceases. They are commonly used in staff rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms which receive only occasional use.

Improve Your Business’s Commitment To Sustainability

Consumers increasingly seek out brands that can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, so installing a lighting control panel can help to reinforce your business’s environmentally friendly reputation and gain loyalty from your customers.

By reducing your electricity consumption through effective management of lighting, you will cut your business’s carbon emissions, thereby playing an important part in the sustainable revolution.

Contact Bensons Panels For Guaranteed Cost Savings

Commercial or industrial lighting control panels are designed to improve your management of your business’s lighting, cut costs, and improve energy efficiency.

To tell us more about your project and find out how our control panel design and installation service could make a difference, please call us on 01924 975603.

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