How We Design Your Control Panels at Bensons

Within Bensons, our focus is on ensuring the flawless operation of complex control solutions. We achieve this by designing and building the highest quality custom electrical control panels that meet exacting customer standards.

The peace of mind for our customers is achieved through a collaborative process involving various teams within Bensons. This process is structured as Define / Design / Build / Test / Deliver. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our long-standing ISO 9001 [2015] accreditation.

Design Phase

Once a customer chooses Bensons for their project, the design phase becomes paramount. The objective here is to transition from the top-level solution in estimating to a detailed design collaboratively created with the customer. This ensures the most effective fulfillment of their requirements.

Each design is not only tailored to meet customer requirements but is also optimised for efficient manufacturing. This optimisation allows Bensons to build solutions quickly without compromising the high level of quality our customers expect.

Clear Communication and Design Lead

Accurate communication is indispensable during the design process to prevent misinterpretation of requirements. To facilitate this, each project has a designated design lead at Bensons. Their primary task is to review the proposal, confirm requirements with the customer, and ensure alignment, especially if project requirements have evolved since the proposal.

Design Review Process

To ensure precision, a detailed design is created in CAD and shared with the customer for review. Any required changes or modifications are addressed, maintaining clarity through a proven version control process. This guarantees a clear understanding of what is included and excluded from the final design.

Transitioning to Production

Upon customer approval of the design, the engineer releases it into production. A detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) is uploaded into our ERP system, securing the necessary materials for manufacturing the control panel. This seamless transition from design to production is a crucial step in delivering reliable and high-quality solutions to our customers.

Apprenticeships at Bensons in 2024

Apprenticeships remain core to Bensons’ plans for the future, they underpin our goals of providing outstanding solutions, services and careers in engineering and manufacturing, whilst providing peace of mind to our customers.

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Next Gen Makers – Excellent Employer

We are proud to say that at the conclusion of this process, Bensons has been awarded the Engineering Apprenticeship Excellent Employer Kitemark Accreditation. This accreditation is given to a select number of Engineering and Manufacturing businesses in the UK.

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Welcoming Tony – Our Head of Operations

We are delighted to introduce a new member to the team at Bensons - Tony Weston who is our new Head of Operations.

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Strengthening our Workforce for 2024

We are proud to say that in 2024, we are an official supporter of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival, which aims to promote greater awareness of the range and depth of opportunities that careers in manufacturing can present to young people in the region.

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