Control Panels for Clean Energy

In many cases, the requirements for control panels in the clean tech sector are common with those in other sectors where reliability and high levels of up-time are table stakes; control panels need to be high-quality, reliable and cost-effective. However, in sectors driven by sustainability, those control panels also need to be manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Whether it be control panels to distribute the power generated by clean energy solutions, or to control the finer operations of those systems, Bensons is currently working successfully where sustainability and efficiency are key drivers.

The 'Clean Tech' sector covers a broad range of industries. At its core are products, processes and services that reduce negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources or environmental protection activities. The sector includes: Distributed Energy, Solar PV and Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

With a high requirement for up-time and availability, EV charging is a sector well suited to the type of control panels Bensons manufactures. We are currently supplying control panels to multiple EV infrastructure suppliers, in the form of Feeder Pillar panels to supply power to EV charge points, as well as SCADA system control panels which enable the accurate monitoring of the performance of EV charging infrastructure.

Bensons has in-house capabilities to allow us to build bespoke, one-off power distribution panels for EV applications, backed up with our extensive network of suppliers for higher-volume, standardised designs, we can offer a solution tailored to the needs of our customers.

With control panels manufactured to support the charging of EVs at nearly 100 sites in the UK, Bensons can demonstrate the ability to be trusted to deliver at scale in this fast-growing sector.

Feed Pillar Control Panel - 4 x 630A Outgoing Feeds

Solar PV

As the contribution which commercial Solar PV systems can make to the UK energy system increases, so the need for reliable, high-quality control panels to enable the operation of sites and their synchronisation to the power grid increases. Over the past year, Bensons has won and delivered its first suite of control panels to enable the operation of a commercial solar PV site, as well as delivering individual control panels to other PV developments around the country.

Protection Relay Wiring

Protection Relay Wiring

Distributed Energy

Distributed energy systems can help you use less energy, increase operational resilience and access new revenue streams. Such systems rely on complex control, requiring the energy generation system to be managed while allowing it to synchronise with the electricity grid when required.

We entered the sector in the 1980s and have built control panels for hundreds of distributed energy systems. Our expertise and ability to manufacture the complex control panels required is recognised across the sector, allowing us to work with a range of energy providers and OEMs. Many of the control panels we have built have been used in CHP systems, as the sector progresses, we are now seeing an evolution of the types of fuel used as biofuels start to play an increasingly important role in decarbonising the distributed energy sector.

Manufacturing with minimal impact on the environment

When building control panels for sectors where sustainability is the end of objective, then the manufacturing process itself needs to have minimal environmental impact. At Bensons we are continually working to reduce our own carbon footprint, minimizing our energy demand through energy efficiency and on-site generation from our own solar PV system, and only using grid electricity green sources. In parallel with this we have transitioned from a fleet of hybrid vehicles to electric, with on-site charging points. In addition, we use energy efficient lighting throughout our site and recycle over 85% of our waste.


Using experience gained over many years of deploying high-quality solutions, Bensons has demonstrated the capability to deliver at scale in the demanding clean tech sector, whilst at the same time manufacturing our control panels in a sustainable manner.

Generating our own electricity with solar PV at Bensons

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