Control Panels for Incineration Systems

Incineration is a thermal waste management technique that uses controlled combustion to dispose of a wide range of waste materials in the commercial and industrial sectors. Commercial incinerators can be automatically or manually fed via a conveyor system, and some are equipped with an automatic bin tippler system. Incinerators that use conveyors require electric motors to drive the conveyor system. Some large incinerators also feature reciprocating/riddling grates and ash conveyors for easy ash removal.

Control Panels For Incineration Systems From Bensons Panels

Incinerators vary in size depending on the quantity of waste they need to handle, but all systems utilise control panels that often include a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

At Bensons Panels, we design and build bespoke control panels to support the operation of many advanced systems, including the supply and integration of variable speed drives to control the conveyor motors, and components to manage air handling systems.

Bespoke Control Panels Enable Safer and More Efficient Incinerator Operation In Several Ways:

A well-designed electrical control panel can integrate all the power and control systems required to manage an incineration system:

  • Variable speed drives allow operators to optimise the performance of their conveyor system to meet waste management demand, starting the rollers at a slow rotation rate and accelerating when necessary for faster operation. This allows greater precision than constant-speed drives and is more sympathetic to the equipment.
  • To ensure that waste is loaded onto the conveyor at a safe and consistent rate, sensors are located around the conveyor with inputs that feed into the incinerator controller. Output signals are relayed to actuators to ensure a consistent and reliable feed rate into the incinerator.
  • Likewise, the bin feeding/tipping system also depends on a range of electrical motors, actuators, and sensors to tip waste onto the conveyor system and move that waste into and out of the incinerator.
  • An efficient air handling system is essential to control combustion in the incinerator. Supply and extraction fans and their associated variable speed drives effectively manage the supply of air into the incinerator, enabling precision control over air injection, as well as the extraction and treatment of exhaust gases coming out of the incinerator.

In many cases PLC control is vital to ensure safe and efficient operation of the overall system. The PLC is used to link the incinerator’s various sensors and actuators to a central control unit, which in turn coordinates overall system operation.

Working With Bensons Panels

At Bensons, our extensive expertise in designing and building control panels for commercial and industrial boilers/heating applications as well as complex CHP systems means we are well placed to support customers with incineration application.

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A bespoke incinerator control panel can integrate and streamline the functions of your incinerator, giving you better control and improving efficiency, safety, and energy use. To find out more about our design and installation service, or to request a quote, please contact one of our control panel specialists or give us a call today on 01924 975603.

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