AstraZeneca Discovery Centre Opening

Companies periodically take on landmark projects that can underpin their future for many years, they require vision, commitment and a strong team to deliver. The decision by AstraZeneca to move their research and development capability to Cambridge and build a world leading facility to house it represents such a project.

Seeing AstraZeneca’s Discovery Centre open (DISC) open this week marks a major milestone in this plan, the £1bn facility will support their focus on specialised and precision medicines for years to come.

Bensons is proud to have collaborated with Honeywell throughout this project on the design and build the control panels that underpin the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in the facility. Our two companies have worked hand in hand since 2017 to deliver over 200 bespoke, high-quality electrical control panels. Panels sizes have ranged from 500mm to 5m wide, each one designed to the specific requirements of the applications being controlled and the space available.

As with all of our projects, the Bensons team focused on the challenges that our customer (Honeywell) was seeking to resolve and developed solutions specifically to address them. Being able to dedicate a highly experienced team to the project from the start enabled a consistent design methodology to be established and followed. This was complemented by the years of expertise that Bensons can deploy in the construction of major suites of control panels, allowing us to deliver in line with the demanding requirements of the project.

Bespoke control panels from Bensons

Bensons are one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of bespoke control panels for a wide range of business sectors, combining high quality components with innovative and personalised design. To find out more about our solutions, or to discuss your needs in person with one of our engineers, please call 01924 975578.

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