Apprenticeships at Bensons in 2024

Bensons continues its commitment to building a team for the future.

Apprenticeships remain core to Bensons’ plans for the future, they underpin our goals of providing outstanding solutions, services and careers in engineering and manufacturing, whilst providing peace of mind to our customers.

In 2024, we have built on the lessons learnt from our three previous intakes of apprentices, the insight gained from our membership of the Next Gen Makers Best Practice Programme and have continued our partnership with AMRC Training Centre as a training provider.

This multifaceted approach has allowed us to build our profile locally as an employer of choice, and enabled us to recruit two further apprentices to the team.

Ethan and Ellis joined us officially on 2nd April 2024. They will be working towards a Level 3 Engineering fitter qualification over the next three years. This is a blend of classroom and workplace training that will provide them with the necessary skills to create a rewarding career in engineering and manufacturing.

The first five months are spent on workshop rotations at the AMRC, learning core engineering skills. Each month they spend a day back at Bensons, providing the opportunity for us to stay in touch and for them to reference their learning with its practical application.

Commenting on the on-going apprenticeship scheme at Bensons, Managing Director Helen Culloden says “We believe that apprenticeships are key to Bensons continued, long term success. It is great to welcome Ellis and Ethan to the team, we look forward to supporting them in the development of their careers with Bensons”.

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