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Centrica Business Solutions

High-volume manufacture of complex control panels for Global Energy Company, Centrica

The Challenge
Managing the production and cost-effectiveness of
complex control panels

Each system that Centrica Business Solutions deploys features some degree of customisation,
meaning an individual design is required for each control panel. Due to the large physical size and high-capital value of Centrica Business Solutions systems, each CHP solution has an individual plan for the delivery of sub-systems. One such sub-system is the control panel, which has to arrive at a specific point in the system production to optimise the effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

The Solution

Expert Manufacturing - Interpretation of Designs

Bensons’ expertise, combined with their manufacturing capability and capacity allows
for the effective delivery of a design for manufacture service.

The Result

Collaborative working - Complex control panels

Due to the collaborative approach and successful delivery of 5 main product lines with panels ranging from £150 to £35,000, Centrica Business Solutions valued Bensons as a reliable, consistent and forward-thinking partner.

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