Waste Management and Waste Disposal Organisation

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Waste Management and Waste Disposal Organisation

Developing a Bespoke Control System for a Leading Waste Management and Waste Disposal Company

The Challenge
To develop a unique control mechanism to ensure the company operated consistently and safely.

A system was required to incorporate an extensive control network with various sensors, actuators and alarms for the safe and effective processing of batteries. They also required a bespoke multi-architecture software program to collate and analyse data from the control mechanisms, plus full control of a battery waste process line.

The Solution

Software development and simulation of the process line to enable operational efficiencies.

Bensons’ development team began by analysing the battery separation process. The team then conducted research into each machine to determine which control measures were required. Bensons developed the overarching software program which would provide the foundation for the entire network

The Result

Bespoke software with safety and efficiency at its heart.

Motor control centre and software system for the safe operation of the battery separation process line

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What did the client think

The client was very happy with the results as this allowed the organisation to safely segregate and process valuable components within all batteries effectively.

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